Logging Flight Time

Throughout the 1970s, 1980’s and 1990’s I logged every martial arts training opportunity and workout session, tracking the total number of minutes each month. At some point in the early 2000s, I gave up, probably because I was no longer competing. I also lost all my training logs during a house move, which means IContinue reading “Logging Flight Time”

Sticks – Kombat Instruments Limited

Several people ask me where I get my beautiful sticks, and I thought I would do a quick write-up. When I popped over to the Dog Brother gathering in 1998, I picked up a replacement pair of sticks from Nick Papadakis at Kombat Instruments. I got to use them the next day at some informalContinue reading “Sticks – Kombat Instruments Limited”

Marcus Trower

It’s been a while since Marcus Trower passed away in 2019, and it’s only really now I feel able to write something to pay tribute to him and his life that will hopefully do him justice. I first met Marcus in 1986 when he joined my boxing and Muay Thai club in Merstham, near RedhillContinue reading “Marcus Trower”

A little bit of Irish Stick and English Cane

This video is a part of a piece to camera practice I had to record quickly before taking a media presentation workshop at work. There’s an important safety message, followed by a little section on using the walking cane and how to use the stick the Irish way. Finally, there is a section on enhancingContinue reading “A little bit of Irish Stick and English Cane”

By the Sword

Towards the end of last year, I posted on my FB page how much I was looking forward to resuming my sword training post-COVID-19 pandemic. My previous experience had been Olympic foil fencing for about four years and a smattering of some sabre up until I was sixteen.  I have studied Filipino Martial Arts andContinue reading “By the Sword”

Basque Boot

In the mid-eighties, I had a French training partner, and in between Muay Thai classes, we used to work out privately together in a local French restaurant. We would clear away some tables, and we mostly worked on our Boxing and Muay Thai fight preparation. Fred was a great training partner, powerful and an excellentContinue reading “Basque Boot”

2019 The KORA Research Group Update

I receive quite a few private messages regarding my research group’s nature, and I want to take some time to clarify a few details.   When I retired from public teaching in 2005, after over twenty years of serving my community, I closed my school called the Primal Focus Gym, which covered my MMA orContinue reading “2019 The KORA Research Group Update”

Something’s cooking

This blog will cover the martial arts and related disciplines that we study under the banner of Killick Off Road Arts as taught by Richard Killick. We publicly teach and study MMA, Grappling, Sword & Dagger, Full Contact Stick Fighting and Savate with a Basque flavour. Privately we study Pukulan Sera.