20 May 2023 Training Journal

Sword Class

A small group of us meet early on Saturday, in remembrance of our late teacher, Bancroft, to work on the swordplay he taught us. This week we held a sword class where we covered knife and how it relates to our sword training and blade vs empty hands-training. We wanted to check if we could use the basic Ilustrisimo sword concepts for sparring knife to knife or even knife vs bare hands. We could use the same mindset, footwork, and techniques to achieve our goals. The hour went by too quickly.

KORA Class

I covered using kickboxing, in this case, our Savate with a Basque flavour to kill the boxing hands game. We worked off our opponents’ attacks to first survive and then insert our kicks and footwork on the half beat. I managed to get everyone to use the correct skill set and get the quick kills results to regain the initiative.

We then moved on to a set of Muay Thai sequences for the clinch range, trained on the Thai pads, and were happy with the results as we combined elbows with hooks and knees modified by me for MMA and our Shootboxing module.

Silat Class

We reviewed some basic hand motions and how they fit in with our footwork, firstly on a line and then on the square. We then played with applications using the same ideas. The combination of footwork, flanking and hand motions really enhances progress. We looked at knocking our opponent into the despatch position and following up throws and sweeps.

The same mind set for all three classes hit first or regain the initiative and finish.

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