6/7 May 2023 Training Journal

Saturday started a little differently as I woke up with a back spasm. Which was probably a result of some grappling. This meant I missed sword sparring. After rehab exercises and some yoga flows, I could train in and teach my class.

KORA Class

We did a quick ten-minute review of some things James, my training partner, had been training and coaching someone else in one of his training groups regarding sword techniques. Basically, the three timings, before, during and after, to counter someone’s cuts and how different ranges, timing and intention change things.

I then covered some kickboxing parries into kicks and with some Sera to finish. I think I have the blend just right, and there are no seams between my Savate and Sera or grappling.

Sera Class

The Sera class covered entries which close the opponent down quickly and how to get people into what I call the dispatch positions to end the fight. Drilling working on timing, deception, and control of your and your opponent’s centre. Also, how to put dents into people.

We then covered what we call pre-Sera training. Motions and footwork that most Pukulan styles have and how this combined to teach you to move correctly. I get real benefits from this exercise, as they tend to leave you relaxed and feeling good.

Sunday was an hour of Sera, mostly jurus and some movement drills, followed by an hour of Ilustrisimo sword solo drills. My back has returned to normal, and feeling strong. I took an online Zoom class Sunday night with my teacher for technical teaching on Sera.

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