Breath -The new science of a lost art

Just read the above book by Jame Nestor, following a recommendation from a researcher friend, and I really rate it for those who need this essential skill. Not everyone has the luxury or good fortune to study Yoga and specifically instruction to breathe like me from childhood, but this book is an excellent primer and will set you off on a righteous path to improved health.

Who needs to improve their breathing aside from the usual list of athletes, martial artists, yoga people, and free divers? Well, everyone.

James does a great job of tracking his hero’s journey as he researches how people have breathed for 5000 years across most cultures and cross-references against how most of us live today. He meets countless researchers, reviews their experiments, takes part himself and concludes the book really well. Basically, my systems secrets are packed with tips and hints within these pages.  

So, take a breath and either buy this book online or go to your favourite bookstore. One last warning, reading the book is the start; you have to practice breathing every day.

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Martial Artist, Adventurer and Privateer. Writer and Peace Activist. Duen de casa.

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