KORA Virtual Reboot

It’s been over a year since my research group, and I got together to train. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, face to face training is still not on the table for a while, but I had the idea that we should start slotting in regular zoom classes once a week. The purpose is to stay in touch, do our class warm-up and some other solo exercises and train and explore some technique.  I hope this will allow us to hit the ground running when we can all get together again.

The research group is non-commercial, and as a result, it is small and is made up of smart, intelligent people who mostly have a lot of experience martial art-wise.  

Despite my initial inability to send out the invite correctly, we managed to get together today. It’s funny because I use Zoom and MS Teams a lot for work, but when it comes to personal or social meetings, which are a different context, I am an amateur. Also never really taught online before.

I enjoyed touching base today, and also teaching again was great. I realised that my teaching skills were a little rusty, but my wonderful sense of humour is still intact. It was great to catch up socially and chat about the arts we love and explore them together again.  

Without people, there is no martial art.  

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Martial Artist, Adventurer and Privateer. Writer and Peace Activist. Duen de casa.

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