Richard Killick

Founder, Head of Research and Director of Training for a private martial arts research group to preserve the closed-door martial arts of Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and the European Martial Arts.

Brief Introduction for Richard Killick

I have been a dedicated student since I started training in Combatives, Western boxing and fencing in 1978. I have made a long-term study of eastern and western martial arts, and I have successfully coached Boxing, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Mixed Martial Arts and full-contact stick fighting.

I have produced great boxing, Muay Thai, full contact stick and MMA fighters and coaches over my years of teaching. Our group has had some excellent results in competition and real self-defence situations. More importantly, we have helped people improve their lives by increasing self-esteem and confidence.   

I have provided personal safety training to a-list celebrities, Intelligence Operators, Aid Workers and regular people.

I am currently the head coach for and teach under the Killick Off Road Arts (KORA) banner, and my main interest is providing a fun, safe, world-class coaching environment for my students.

I now primarily teach my KORA group and individual private lessons and continue my martial arts research. The research and the search for Duende continue.

Ranks achieved

I am the Head Instructor, Researcher and founder of Killick Off Road Arts.

Boxing coach.

Muay Thai coach.

Vale Tudo/MMA coach.

I am certified to teach Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts and Pentjak Silat.

About Killick Off Road Arts

We study the following arts under the KORA banner Bare Knuckle Boxing, MMA, Grappling, Sword and dagger, Stick and Savate with a Basque flavour. We teach Pukulan Sera separately from the other arts.

We believe a student should be competent at threat level assessment, contact management, stand-up, clinch and ground in a weapons-based hostile environment. 

The training program is designed to be fun and safe. Training in martial arts is dangerous; we create a safe, controlled environment to improve students’ awareness, body conditioning, reactions and skill set.

We use a modern training system, with lots of pad-hitting and integrated live training, including free play and sparring.

The instruction aims to provide a level of training to suit the needs of the student and their environment. We have trained Military, Intelligence Officers and A-list actors, celebrities and regular people to safely do their job and protect their loved ones and themselves. 


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