Sticks – Kombat Instruments Limited

31 inch sparring sticks, 40 inch sparring stick for Irish Stick Fighting and a four foot pole, also for whacking people.

Several people ask me where I get my beautiful sticks, and I thought I would do a quick write-up. When I popped over to the Dog Brother gathering in 1998, I picked up a replacement pair of sticks from Nick Papadakis at Kombat Instruments. I got to use them the next day at some informal sparring and training practice with the local DB Tribe.

I can make my own sparring sticks but not as well as Nick, so really, it’s a no brainer. The about section tells you about Nick and his attention to detail in producing a fantastic useful product.

About us – Kombat Instruments Limited (

Nick’s sticks are the best I have used, and they stand up to the very hard training and sparring we do.

The attached video outlines what sticks I am currently using from his line, including a 40-inch cut-down by me hybrid for Irish Stickfighting. I plan on-road testing it in full contact sparring and training, but results so far have been great.  

If you are fed up with sticks that fray or are the wrong length, please road test some of his products. Nick can produce whatever size, length and type of stick you want, and they will be beautiful but, more importantly, useful for walloping people.

Kombat Instruments Limited – Full contact martial arts gear (

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