Championship Fighting

Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey is a book that should be in every fighter’s library, it’s the one book I have given as a present more than any other. Why because it’s one of the few books that is readily available that will show you explosive punching and aggressive defence, written by an actual Champion who could both box or mix it bare knuckle or in a bar fight in equal measures.  

In a world of fake it until you make (or get it right) Jack had been there and done that and he also understood the game well.

Years ago, I recommended the above book to a young boxer and his response was why would I read a book by some old boxer, when my coach can tell me everything I need to know. His stunning record was two wins, three loses and early retirement with a detached head, courtesy of a power puncher. So maybe his coach was not so great after all.

Jack sets out why he wrote the book on chapter four and it’s well worth reading that chapter first and then doubling back to chapter one. With further chapters on punching, stance, footwork, defence and the falling step which is often confused with the dropping step (the clues in the name internet Combatives experts). This book is simply a must read and just about anyone who I have ever met who is great or good at punching people clean out or lighting them up like Christmas tree has read it.

Here is a quote from chapter four:  I’m confident those pages represent the most thorough study ever made by any prominent fighter of his own technique and the pointers he received first hand from others.

Exactly right and I recommend you get it in your library and re read it once a year.

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