Dance of the sticks

From this blog: Le carnaval labourdin (

The kaskarot are the main characters of the ploughd carnivals. They wear hats adorned with flowers, ribbons and colorful decorations on their costumes, and hold two sticks in their hands. Organized in groups of eight, they perform makila-dantza (dances of sticks), as well as danced jumps, marmutx (dance of small sticks), xinple, kontra-dantza (contredanse), soka-dantza, fandango and arin-arin.
Alongside the dancers, boys and girls, are the flag-bearer groups, besta-gorriak (red jackets), ponpierrak, kotilun-gorriak (red petticoats), jaun-andereak (gentlemen and ladies), bear and, depending on the village, other characters.

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