A little bit of Irish Stick and English Cane

This video is a part of a piece to camera practice I had to record quickly before taking a media presentation workshop at work. There’s an important safety message, followed by a little section on using the walking cane and how to use the stick the Irish way. Finally, there is a section on enhancing your skills by training solo with a sledgehammer handle. Feedback on the content from Martial Artist has been very positive. My media training coach gave me a long list of things to improve or useful hints to improve my presentational skills.

What little on how to use a cane and Irish stick I have, I got from my Father in the 1970s and early eighties. His Father came from Kerry in Ireland, not some extensive system, just how to wallop people at range with a stick or grab them and do the same. It’s incredible how fast and hard you can hit with the Irish grip. I don’t personally lay my thumb along the stick, I prefer a full grip, but that’s my personal choice.

It’s great to see that people are interested, once we can, I will film some more with a training partner.

A little bit of Irish Stick and English Cane – YouTube

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