The Committee

The story eases you in and quickly then jolts into life and moves at pace, successfully moving between time periods. There is something familiar about this story, in the same way, that reading about serial killers is uncomfortably familiar and triggers something in the back of your mind, such as that matter-of-fact realisation that often life is cheap.

Most aid workers helping during civil war have stories of fully equipped hospitals in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps we now know why.  

The authors have an excellent pedigree that only experience provides, which shows in the details and drives the story forward. I don’t know how much of this story is true, but it feels like it may well be. The story highlights people tracking and its connection to organised crime, civil war and the fact that we often take no notice of things staring us in the face.  

When I start a new book, I like to pick a character early on that I will follow; typically, mine meets an early end. A great read, with lots of insights and details that only people who have been there would know. One of those books that keep you hooked right to the end.

Loved it and thoroughly recommended it.

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Martial Artist, Adventurer and Privateer. Writer and Peace Activist. Duen de casa.

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