The Committee

The story eases you in and quickly then jolts into life and moves at pace, successfully moving between time periods. There is something familiar about this story, in the same way, that reading about serial killers is uncomfortably familiar and triggers something in the back of your mind, such as that matter-of-fact realisation that oftenContinue reading “The Committee”

Breath -The new science of a lost art

Just read the above book by Jame Nestor, following a recommendation from a researcher friend, and I really rate it for those who need this essential skill. Not everyone has the luxury or good fortune to study Yoga and specifically instruction to breathe like me from childhood, but this book is an excellent primer andContinue reading “Breath -The new science of a lost art”

The Book of Five Rings – Book Review

The book of five rings by Miyamoto Musashi 新免武蔵守藤原玄信 is a book I read about once a year. The excellent version I have on my lap is the one translated by William Scott Wilson. For those who don’t know the book, it is understood that it comes from Pamphlet by the same author. The contextContinue reading “The Book of Five Rings – Book Review”

The Hustler- Book Review

The Hustler – Sword play and the art of tactical thinking is a beautiful book written by Maija Soderholm. A lot of the book focuses on deception in combat, and it’s funny because this book slipped onto the market quietly, and just how good it was has spread by word of mouth among the FMAContinue reading “The Hustler- Book Review”